From Home

Stuck at home? Missing the gym? Lacking home equipment? Struggling to find the motivation to exercise at home?

Melissa Capp has your solution, click the link below to sign up!

Train with Melissa Capp

per month
Follow along Melissas exact training routine.
  • Access to training app
  • New training plans every month
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  • Community support via our facebook group
  • Ongoing coaching via our Facebook group
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Custom Training Program

per month
Have Melissa design a custom training program based on your goals and fitness assessment.
  • In-depth lifestyle and fitness assessment
  • Access to training app
  • 4 week detailed personalized training plan
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  • Ongoing 1:1 coaching thru the app
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Who is this for?
  • This is for person who has great intentions for their home workout routine but lacks follow through.
    The person who always saves IG or TikTok workouts but never completes them.
  • Someone who wants to improve but doesn't know where to start.
  • Maybe you have started but your exercise knowledge base is limited and you need help taking it to the next level.
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Here you will not only find effective workouts but an entire community of like minded individuals to keep you feeling supported and motivated throughout the entire program.

What's included:
  • Full workouts 5 days per week plus 2 mobility focused recovery sessions per week
    Access to full workout library through desktop or mobile app
  • Ability to follow along during daily live streamed workouts
  • Ability to customize your own workout schedule
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  • Ongoing support and coaching through the community Facebook group
  • Mindfulness exercises
  • Nutrition tips
Questions? DM @melissacapp