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Melissa Cappelletti

Personal trainer, athletic therapist, nutrition coach

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Personal Trainer

Athletic Therapist

Nutrition Coach

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Train with Melissa Capp

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Custom Training Program

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Lifestyle Transformation Package

Have Melissa work with you 1:1 on your nutrition habits and create a custom workout program (spots are limited).

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"My passion in life is to help you become the healthiest, happiest, and most confident version of yourself"

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What clients say

James Liu
Any one looking for a professional coach who cares about your targets, limits and progression, Melissa is definitely the right choice for them. I started with a series of athletic therapy sessions to fix my right shoulder pain.  With her guidance in just the first 3 sessions of training I could already feel my muscles getting stronger and the pain  started to go away. I really appreciate Melissa, not only for the programs she has designed for me, but also her care about my limitations. She always asks me with a friendly smile, "How's that?" when I start a new exercise. Based on my feedback, she adjusts the exercise to become better suited for me.  
Taylor Beattie
Melissa is an extremely knowledgeable and intelligent person as well as a tremendous personal trainer. She has an immense level of professionalism and expertise within the health and fitness industry. Anyone looking for a personal trainer, athletic therapist, or a coach should not hesitate to contact her.
Maria Tarasio
After my back surgery a year ago I thought it was time to really focus on strengthening myself . I began working with my exquisite and incredible personal trainer Melissa whom is truly the most incredible woman I have ever met. Her dedication, her patience and her knowledge absolutely validates how incredibly fortunate I am to work with her. I'm going to continue to dedicate myself to this journey and I know it's all possible with Melissa. She's seriously beyond incredible.
Wayne Tulloch
I've been working with Melissa for two months so far and I've had some very noticeable gains in muscle mass and flexibility. I've also lost approx 10 pounds of fat. Due to past injuries I often throw some curve balls at Melissa with some exercises that aren't right for me. With her vast knowledge, Melissa knows exactly what alternate exercises to implement on the fly. She is a great motivator and pushes you to your limits and knows when you've had enough. I highly recommend Melissa no matter what your fitness background may be.
Chris Cain
In just 7 weeks Melissa has helped me improve almost all aspects of my body. I am gaining strength all over (especially in my legs), my balance is improving tremendously, I am pushing myself further than I thought possible (which is amazing), and I have been gaining muscle mass while losing body fat. I still have a very long road ahead of me, but I am confident Melissa is providing me with the knowledge, fundamentals, drive and passion I need to continue on my journey to a better me – that is something I can guarantee free YouTube videos cannot provide. Thank you, Melissa. I could not have come this far, or accomplished this much, without you
Kalin Mcdonald
Melissa is an excellent personal trainer. She has lots of energy, an extremely positive attitude and lots of new suggestions to reinvigorate my workouts and keep me coming back for more!
Nosheen Tauheed
Melissa is an amazing athletic therapist and knows how to lift my day up and engage me in my exercises. She knows her work very well and I appreciate her going above and beyond in training me. She’s accommodating to my personal strengths and weaknesses and makes sure that all her exercises are catered specifically to my needs. I look forward to continue working with Melissa to reach my fitness goals.
Nunzio Consiglio
I began working with Melissa out of a need to improve my overall health and I can honestly say I look forward to each workout. She is a fantastic trainer, she is always positive and motivating and gets me through that fourth set of reps. Melissa is very knowledgeable and explains the benefits of each exercise as she is demonstrated it. I appreciate her ability to adjust exercises to accommodate some of my limitations with my overall goal in mind. I am progressing at a steady rate as expected and will continue to progress under Melissa’s guidance.
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If you have questions feel free to reach out anytime. I'm more than happy to go over your fitness and nutrition goals with you and create a game plan to help you achieve them.
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